Rehabilitation Centers

Diaplasis Rehabilitation Center         

DIAPLASIS Rehabilitation and Recovery Center is located in the Peloponnese, in the coastal city of Kalamata. Our Center is a specialized facility for patients with musculoskeletal conditions, neurological conditions, chronic diseases, and age related illnesses.

The main goals of the rehabilitation process are the maximal rehabilitation of the body suffering from injury or chronic disease, patient adapting to their new daily conditions, their psychological adaptation and support.

Enjoy real vacation and the Mediterranean sun combined with treatment programs, put in place to accelerate your rehabilitation and allow you to resume your daily routines faster.

Diaplasis is the only rehabilitation center in Europe, on the Mediterranean coast that allows patients to follow a thalassotherapy rehabilitation program. The blue sea and the golden sand are just five minutes away from the center of the town. Specialized equipment and a ramp fitted for that purpose will help the patient enter the water, accompanied by a specialist.

Evexia Rehabilitation Center

EVEXIA is the leading Medical Rehabilitation Center in Greece, introducing medical nursing units of the latest technology, dedicated medical equipment, cutting edge rehabilitation technology and a highly skilled mutli-disciplinary medical team providing exceptional care to patients with motor, cognitive and behavioral disorders.

EVEXIA is situated in picturesque Halkidiki, only 18 km away from Thessaloniki (SKG) airport, has 165 single and double-bed rooms, a high dependency unit, an intensive care unit as well as microbiology and X-ray labs and primary care services.

We apply the most up to date scientific advances, thus offering new treatment options to our patients, aspiring to make a difference in their lives. We achieve fast and impressive results due to the innovative therapies system, the individualized care model and the scientific expertise.

At EVEXIA, we are committed to earning the trust of each of our patients and we prove it at every step of the path of rehabilitation. Our neurorehabilitation services are designed to help people regain their abilities, confidence and quality of life.