Thermae Sylla Spa Resort 5*

Thermae Sylla embodies real wellness and medical spa treatments in an environment of understated luxury and healthy Mediterranean gourmet. It offers an ideal cure and escape from the demands of modern life to help you rejuvenate, heal, rediscover your inner self and unveil the new you.

The most modern spa-resort in Greece and Europe is located in the most famous of all spa towns, the beautiful Edipsos. Thermae Sylla Spa is included among the 10 best Thermal Spas worldwide, according to the Conde Nast Traveler. The Spa Hotel offers a selection of rejuvenating treatments for men and women. Available treatments include thermal water hydrotherapy, mud therapy, inhalation therapy, massage and reflexology among others.

Enter into a world of fabulous treatments that will detoxify, 

revitalize and heal you in a variety of ways



Antistress Program - Your holiday in Therma Sylla spa and wellness resort involves relaxation combined with therapies and prevention treatments following a personalized program. In this way, your self-improvement mechanism is activated, offering a life of higher quality. 

Detox Program - Our body has the ability to detoxify itself, however, nowadays the plethora of information around us makes us rather demanding as we tend to expect more in less time, and this practice leaves us with little time to take care of ourselves.

Thermal Classic Cure - the thermal waters, massage treatments, and natural mud treatments offered at Thermae Sylla improve blood circulation, relax the muscles, combat arthritic aches and other pains, and help revitalize the body.

Weight Loss CureThermae Sylla has a specific program to bring the body back to an ideal state of health by increasing energy levels through diet and other therapies that stabilize the metabolism and reduce blood sugar levels.