Medical Tourism in Greece

Accounting for 18% of Greece’s GDP, tourism is a key sector and one of the most dynamic areas of growth and investment. It is widely known that Greece is among the top 15 tourist destinations worldwide. International investors wishing to invest in Greece are focused on integrated resorts, golf courses, spas, theme parks, marinas, and a wide variety of agrotourism and alternative tourism sectors. In addition, Greece is becoming a favorite destination for conferences and congresses, where delegates and their families are able to enjoy additional holidays throughout the year.

However, the pharmaceutical industry, aquacultures, medical tourism and long-term and elderly care are currently the fastest-growing sectors of the Greek economy. Estimates by World Health Organization, place Greece in the 11th position among 191 countries with the most developed health care system. Greece’s healthcare system fulfills the EU essential requirements and its healthcare costs are the lowest among the European Union members. According to estimates by the World Medical Tourism and the Global Healthcare Congress held in 2013, it is expected that the total market for medical tourism will reach 16% of the overall income generated by the tourism industry by 2017.

In collaboration with major hospitals and medical centers in Greece, which have been certified by TUV, ISO, TEMOS, the Diplomatic Council and other organizations, GREKOMED specializes in providing high-quality medical, rehabilitation and wellness services offering full package services to patients (hospital, physician, air tickets, hotel, transfers, insurance, visa – if needed, etc.). All medical programs are individually developed according to patients’ medical history, test results, wishes, and needs, and they can certainly be combined with holidays in Greece.



• Highly qualified physicians and medical personnel
• State of the art medical and diagnostic centers with high-tech equipment
• Efficient implementation of the world’s latest treatment methods
• Innovative techniques in diagnosis and treatment
• Relatively low cost of medical services and compared to other European countries
• Climatic conditions accelerating rehabilitation after injury or post surgical rehabilitation
• Combination of recreational holidays with medical treatments
• The Mediterranean diet as well as the Mediterranean climate