Laparoscopic prostatectomy

Duration for in hospital stay: 3 days

Admission day:

- Admission to hospital
- Clinical evaluation by the treating physician and his team
- Preoperative check-up (Full Blood Count, Blood group, Rhesus, PT-INR, aPTT, ECG, Chest X-Ray)
- Cardiological evaluation
- Preoperative assessment by consultant anesthesiologist

If not available:

- CT of the upper abdomen, Bone Scan

Day of surgery:

- Proposed operation
- Postoperative assessment by treating surgeon and his team
- Medication

1st postoperative day:

- Postoperative assessment by treating surgeon and anesthesiologist
- Mobilization
- Medication

2nd postoperative day:

- Clinical evaluation by treating physician
- Detailed postoperative instructions in the patients native language (wound care, dietary instructions, physical activities, rehabilitation, things to avoid, medication – if needed)
- Discharge from hospital

1st follow-up appointment:

In 1 week - clinical evaluation by treating physician and removal of stitches/clips

2nd follow-up appointment:

In 2-3 months - clinical evaluation PSA measurement


The patient can return to work in 3 weeks after the operation


The patient should avoid lifting weights and other strenuous activities for a period of 1 month


The free personal assistant fluent in your own native language will be escorting you throughout the duration of your hospital stay

Hospital 24 / 7
- Free personal assistant
- IPD Doctor
- Attending Physician



Laparoscopic prostatectomy

Hospital stay: from 4 to 5 nights*

9.097 €**

Medical report translation


Accommodation in hotel: from 7 to 8 nights***
Individual transfer
Air tickets
Visa (if needed)

Upon request

**The total cost depends on patient’s health condition, test results etc.
*** Accommodation in hotel can be extended upon request.