On an outpatient basis: 20-25 days


For the woman: On the 3-5 day of menstruation a basic hormonal investigation: FSH, LH, AMH, T3, T4, TSH, Hysterosapingography
Recent laboratory exams ie: Full Blood Count, Blood group, Rhesus, HbsAg, anti-HIV antibodies, anti-HCV, VDRL, Chlamydia, Hemoglobin electrophoresis, Vaginal Ultrasound of internal reproductive.

For the man: Recent laboratory exams ie: Full Blood Count, Blood group, Rhesus, HbsAg, anti-HIV antibodies, anti-HCV, VDRL, Spermiogram
It is a prerequisite: Prior communication with the patient (through e-mail) for a complete medical history and the provision of detailed instructions.

Ideally: The couple should be in Greece shortly before the 1st day of the wife’s menstruation
If that is not an option: On the 2nd to 3rd day of menstruation the wife should be subjected to a hormonal check with estradiol and progesterone (Ε2 and PRG) before commencement of treatments. She should also communicate with our Center on the same day so that we may be able to schedule the appropriate pharmacological treatment (The duration of this medication is normally 8-12 days).

As an indication: For the completion of the treatment, until embryotransfer the couple will have to stay in Thessaloniki for a period of approximately 20-25 days starting from the 1st day of the wife’s menstruation. The treatment schedule is as follows: Ultrasound + Hormonal tests – every 2 days until the day of egg collection (approximately 9-14 days of treatment). The embryotransfer will be performed at any time between 2 to 5 days after egg collection and will depend on:

1. The total number of ebryos
2. The quality of embryos
3. The quality of the endometrium (morphology, vascularity, Doppler measurements etc.)
4. Previous history

1st follow-up appointment:

In 12 days from emryotransfer for blood pregnancy tests (in the patient’s country of residence)

2nd follow-up appointment:

In 1 month from embryotransfer with an ultrasound and a clinical assessment to insure the normal progression of pregnancy (in the patient’s country of residence)
Precautions: During the first phase of treatment until the transfer of the embryos, no special precautions are necessary. In between the scheduled appointments at the Hospital the patients have a free schedule. Precautions become necessary after the embryotransfer. At that time alcohol, smoking, other medication and sexual relations, exercise and heavy manual labor should be avoided and the overall activity level should be decreased. Return to light chores is possible after 7 days. The couple can return to their country and have all the pregnancy tests done locally.


The patient can return to work in 7


The free personal assistant fluent in your own native language will be escorting you throughout the duration of your hospital stay

With the hospital 24 / 7
- Free personal assistant
- IPD Doctor
- Attending Physician




4.457 €

Donor Sperm

900 €

Required laboratory tests for the woman

725 €

Required laboratory tests for the man

335 €

Medical report translation


Individual transfer
Air tickets
Visa (if needed)

Upon request

**The total cost depends on patient’s health condition, test results etc.