Interbalkan Medical Center

The Interbalkan European Medical Centre is the most modern and comprehensive medical center in Europe, ranking it among the top hospitals of Europe and the United States. The Interbalkan is located just 5 minutes away from the airport and provides high quality health services through its cooperation with eminent doctors with international experience, the continuous training of its staff, the prudent use of modern technology, as well as, the implementation of comprehensive quality management systems.

The hospital has received the most prestigious international accreditations and awards in medical tourism such as, ISO 9001: TUV NORD, ISO 22000: TUV NORD, TEMOS: Excellence in Medical Tourism, TEMOS: Quality in International Patient Care and “Best hospitals worldwide 2014, 2015” Diplomatic Council United Nations.

The collaboration between Athens Medical Group and GREKOMED, guarantees comfort, provides effective treatment and saves valuable time, since we do offer full package services to patients (hospital, doctor, air tickets, hotel, transfers, insurance, visa –if needed, etc.). 
The hospital cooperates with the most eminent physicians in Greece, based on their collective superior scientific backgrounds, proven technical expertise and verified clinical effectiveness.

The building complex covers an area of 50.000 square meters. It incorporates the use of wings to facilitate and encompass the entire spectrum of health care services and promote efficient patient flow. Everything operates according to regulations and procedures dictated by modern medical science. Hospital systems and equipment are subject to continuous assessment, reassessment and renewal.
With a capacity of 380 hospital beds Interbalkan European Medical Centre is equipped with the most modern Biomedical Technology, an Adult Intensive Care Unit with 21 beds, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 19-incubators, 22 operating rooms. It has all the necessary medical specialties and can very safely treat all emergencies on a 24-hour basis. 


  • 383 hospital beds,
  • Intensive Care Units (for adults and neonates) of 48 beds
  • 23 operating rooms, eight of which with radiation protection for radiation minimization for doctors and patients
  • 7 delivery rooms
  • Special endotherapy unit, wholly lead-covered, with open radio sources, unique in Thessaloniki
  • Recuperation rooms with 12 beds
  • Emergency outpatients’ clinics and regular outpatients’ clinics, doctors’ examination rooms, resuscitation rooms, one-day clinics
  • Interior pool with special equipment for the needs of the Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center
  • Two conference rooms (Vergina: 400 seats, Pella: 350 seats) with direct visual connection with the operating rooms.
  • Internet connection in all rooms/suites of the hospital. 

Address: Asklipiou 10, Pylaia Τ.Κ. 57001 – Thessaloniki Greece