Hospitals in Greece

Hospitals in Greece meet the essential requirements of EU and employ distinguished doctors with international experience, as well as highly qualified and caring medical staff. The most modern and advanced medical equipment allows doctors to perform the most difficult surgical procedures. All the above allow to achieve successful treatment, regardless of disease complexity.

Athens Medical Group

Athens Medical Group was founded in 1984 with the goal of providing top quality, complete primary and secondary health care services. In Greece, Athens Medical Group runs 8 ultramodern healthcare units with a total capacity of 1.200 hospital beds, a network comprised of 2.800 eminent doctors and 3.000 full-time employees.

Interbalkan Medical Center

The Interbalkan European Medical Centre is the most modern and comprehensive medical center in Europe, ranking it among the top hospitals of Europe and the United States. The Interbalkan provides high quality health services through its cooperation with eminent doctors with international experience, the continuous training of its staff, the prudent use of modern technology.

Rehabilitation Center Diaplasi

Enjoy real vacation and the Mediterranean sun combined with therapeutical programs, which were created in order to rehabilitate fastly and return to daily routine. We are always ready to help with the treatment of any acute or chronic health problems.

Rehabilitation Center Evexia

The Evexia Rehabilitation Center is a modern healthcare structure with medical nursing units, with specialized medical and rehabilitation equipment and experienced personnel treating patients with motor, cognitive and behavioral disorders.