Check Up

Check Up is a medical examination that aids in determining the diagnosis and devising the treatment plan, during which you are examined by the appropriate healthcare professional, depending on the Check Up you have chosen to undergo. A diagnosis gives you either the opportunity to learn about your health condition prior to the onset of symptoms, enough time for efficient treatment and a sense of relief after ensuring that you do not have any serious health problems, or get extensive treatment and prevention consultation, that may be need in the future.

In many cases, check-ups literally save lives. They can reveal serious diseases even before their symptoms appear. It is the best possible, risk-free, high-return investment: protection against future health scares with immeasurable physical, mental, professional, family and financial costs.

Basic Check Up

A check-up includes full examination by an experienced physician, laboratory testing and modern imaging techniques, assessment of results and instructions or treatment recommendations. The diagnostic methods are safe, painless and applied by polite healthcare professionals.  

Specialized Check Up Programs

 The most suitable tests are selected on a case-by case basis, depending on the subject’s personal and family history, age, gender, body type and special needs and desires. There are also supplemental and specialized programs in order to identify the individual needs of. All the Check Up programs can also be combined with holidays in Greece.

Executive Check Up Programs

The Medical Centers provide their associate physicians with unique tools that enable them to conduct reliable examinations, offer effective treatments and have a long list of top medical achievements.

Pediatric Check Up Programs

Our Medical Centers collaborate with top physicians of every pediatric specialty.  There are separate examination and treatment departments to keep children safe from potential contamination. The former provides scheduled checkups for healthy children, while the latter provides treatment for sick children. The Center also comprises a playground to keep hospitalized children happy. Supplemental and specialized programs are also available to cater for your child’s individual needs. 

A Check Up program includes full examination by an experienced physician, laboratory testing and modern imaging techniques, assessment of results, recommendations or treatment advice and also leads to the timely diagnosis and effective handling of cardiovascular, metabolic and neoplastic diseases.

The most suitable Check Up is selected on an individual basis, depending on the personal and family history, age, gender, body type, special needs and desires of the subject.

The Medical Center is fully equipped with the most modern and advanced medical equipment, which is located in one sole building. The patient is accompanied by a Russian-speaking personal assistant from the Medical Center or by GREKOMED company representative throughout the Check Up.

The visit to the hospital is scheduled in the most effective way, in order to combine diagnosis programs with holidays or any other type of travel.

Many of us have not been informed of the simple fact that medical examination in Greece is more affordable than in other European counties, however the level of medical services provided remains the same.

Diagnostic Test Results

After completing the Check Up you are handed the medical reports and recommendations. Regardless of the test results, it is advisable to undergo a regular Check Up once a year for man and woman over 35 years old. Under risk of developing a certain disease, doctors may suggest the Check Up frequency and recommend treatment options. In this case, the patient could be treated either in Medical Center in Greece or in his country.