Cesarean section

Duration for in hospital stay: 4 days

Admission day:

- Admission to hospital, initial assessment by midwife
- Clinical evaluation by the treating physician and his team
- Preoperative check-up (Full Blood Count, Blood group, Rhesus, VDRL PT, aPTT, ALP, HIV, HbsAg, HCV, ECG)
- Patient preparstion be midwife
- Constant cardiotocographic monitoring
- Preoperative assessment by consultant anesthesiologist
- The delivery is performed with the presence of an anesthesiologist and neonatologist. Neonate resuscitation, transfer to Naeonatal Ward, laboratory investigations, constant neonate monitoring by midwife and neonatologist
- The mother will remain in the recovery room for the following 2 hours (vital signs monitoring)
- Transfer to Obstetrics Ward
- Mother mobilization in the Ward
- All neonates are subjected to compulsory screening for Congenital Hyperthyreoidism, Phenylketonuria, Galactosaemia and G-6-P-D deficiency in accordance with the Institute for Pediatric Health and the Greek Ministry of Health
- In addition (after the parents’ request) all neonates may participate in the latest technology screening program (mass fasmatography, Tandem MS) for the swift discovery of 44 congenital diseases
- The neonates will be delivered to their mother in the room 4 times / day. The possibility for a 24hour / day stay with the mother is available (for 1st class rooms)

1st postpartum day:

- Clinical evaluation and wound inspection by treating physician
- Clinical assessment by anesthesiologist
- Mobilization
- Medication
- A midwife will instruct and assist the mother during breastfeeding- Neonate assessment by neonatologist. Blood investigations to be performed when necessary
- Blood investigations for the mother will be performed if necessary

2nd postpartum day:

- Clinical evaluation and wound inspection by treating physician
- Neonate assessment by neonatologist

3rd postpartum day:

- Clinical evaluation and wound inspection by treating physician - Full Blood Count
- A midwife will instruct and assist the mother on how to bathe the neonate

4th postpartum day:

- Clinical evaluation by treating physician, discharge instructions
- Discharge instructions by neonatologist
- Discharge from hospital


In 40 days – clinical assessment


The patient can return to work in 2 months after delivery


Alcohol consumption, smoking, medication and heavy labor


There is a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) available in the hospital. The neonate can be transferred to the NICU for closer monitoring and treatment at the neonatologist’s reguest at any point during hospitalization if special treatment becomes necessary (due to respiratory distress, surgical conditions, congenital cardiac diseases, prematurity etc)
The free personal assistant fluent in your own native language will be escorting you throughout the duration of your hospital stay

Hospital 24 / 7
- Free personal assistant
- IPD Doctor
- Attending Physician



Cesarean section

Hospital stay: from 4 to 5 nights*

5.8710 €**

Preventive health exams detecting 44 diseases

250 €

Medical report translation


Accommodation in hotel: approximately 40 nights***
Individual transfer
Air tickets
Visa (if needed)

Upon request

* Hospital stay in triple room (the cost for neonatal intensive care unit is not included in the above price - in case of necessity).
**The total cost depends on patient’s health condition, test results etc.
*** Accommodation in hotel can be extended upon request.