Athens Medical Group

Athens Medical Group was founded in 1984 with the goal of providing top quality, complete primary and secondary health care services.
In Greece, Athens Medical Group runs 8 ultramodern healthcare units with a total capacity of 1.200 hospital beds, a network comprised of 2.800 eminent doctors and 3.000 full-time employees.

The Athens Medical Group focuses on the continuous improvement of its services through the constant development of quality management systems, the implementation of advanced medical treatments and process optimization, the modernization of its facilities and a highly qualified, experienced and motivated medical, nursing and administrative staff.



Athens Medical Center was founded in 1984 in Maroussi and is the flagship of the Athens Medical Group. It introduced, for the first time in Greece, state-of-the-art medical equipment, realized collaborations with leading, in their field, scientists offering the Greek patient services that by then, they could find only abroad.

Athens Medical Center covers a total of 11,000 sq.m. in a complex of four buildings of rare beauty and functionality. It has a capacity of 300 nursing beds and maintains 24 modern, autonomously-equipped operating rooms constantly on alert, ensuring their continuous, uninterrupted and parallel operation. Athens Medical Center focuses on improving services, by continuously developing quality management systems. The ongoing modernization of facilities, the investment in medical equipment of innovative technology and the experienced, highly trained medical, nursing and administrative staff, have established the Athens Medical Center as one of the most advanced and reliable hospital institutes in the country and Athens Medical Group as the leading private hospital chain in S.E. Europe.

Address: Distomou 5-7, Marousi Τ.Κ. 151 25 – Athens Greece



The Clinic in Dafni started operating in 2002, with the objective of dealing with and treating dialysis cases and constitutes the most complete private specialized renal centre.

It has 100 beds and 45 fully-equipped dialysis units which are supported by specialized and properly trained medical and nursing staff.
Outpatient sections and a fully-equipped department for diagnostic tests are in operation on a daily.

Address: 1 Filadelfeos & Kefalariou Str., Plateia Kefalariou, 14562, Kifisia – Athens Greece



GAIA Maternity Hospital was established in 2009 and is «Athens Medical Center» Hospital’s ultramodern Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic.
The Clinic’s medical, nursing and administrative staff serves only one purpose: a combination of advanced science and modern technology with sensitivity so that it can offer each woman and their family what they deserve: quality medical care with a human aspect.

With a capacity of 91 hospital beds, GAIA Clinic, is equipped with the most modern Biomedical Technology, Adult Intensive Care Unit, a 30-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, 7 operating rooms and 10 modern wards and labor rooms. It has all the necessary medical specialties and can very safely treat all emergencies on a 24-hour basis.

Having modern ideas for providing medical services and showing devotion to the special needs of our patients and respect to the pregnant woman, GAIA clinic differs from other clinics because it has among other things, spacious labor and delivery rooms which have natural light and thus contribute to the positive psychology of the future mother.

GAIA Maternity Hospital offers a woman the ideal place to trust herself as well as the coming of her child.
A group of leading design and ergonomic experts on from Greece and abroad created areas that is utilitarian, warm, friendly and intimate so that the inpatients feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.

Address: Distomou str. 9, Maroussi – Athens Greece



P. Faliro Clinic was founded in 1991, aiming to meet the need for high-level medical services in the Southern Suburbs of Athens.
In 2002, the good response it received from the public and the ever increasing demand for quality health services in the greater area lead to the addition of a new wing and the creation of new diagnostic departments, supported by ultramodern high-tech laboratories, and staffed with highly expert medical personnel.

Currently extending over more than 4,500 sq.m., «Iatriko P. Falirou» Clinic is meeting in the most reliably way the threefold need for “prevention - diagnosis - treatment” expressed by residents of the Southern Suburbs, placing at their disposal experienced physicians who are leaders in their fields of expertise, specialized nursing staff of excellent training, and the latest generation of medical technology equipment.
With functional building facilities, cutting-edge medical equipment, and specialized scientific personnel, «Iatriko P. Falirou» is a model Health Care Center, distinguished for its high quality of services provided, reliability, and exemplary patient care.

With a capacity of 84 hospital beds, «Iatriko P. Falirou» Clinic, is equipped with the most modern Biomedical Technology and an Adult Intensive Care Unit, with 8 beds.
In 2005, its ICU was certified to ISO 9001:2008 for the quality of services provided.

Address: Areos 36, P. Faliro Τ.Κ 175 62 – Athens Greece



The Pediatric Centre of the Athens Medical Group operating in Athens and Thessaloniki are the most complete private Pediatric clinics in Greece offering high quality diagnosis, treatment and care services to newborns, infants and children.
The Pediatric Centre has fully equipped operating rooms and ultramodern Infant Intensive Care Units.
Their laboratories feature state of the art and fully advanced modern equipment, suitable for the most specialized examinations.

Address: Distomou 5-7, Marousi Τ.Κ. 151 25 – Athens Greece



The Medical Center of Peristeri, located in one of the central points of Peristeri (Piazza San Antonio) began operating in 2007, creating new conditions for the residents of West Attica.
The Medical Center of Peristeri is an ultra-modern general clinic housed in a building of high standards, has a capacity of 78 beds and features (5) fully equipped operating rooms, a multipurpose intensive care unit of (6) beds and also (2) ambulances for immediate transfer of patients to and from to the clinic.

Address: Ethnarhou Makariou 60, Peristeri Τ.Κ. 121 32 – Athens Greece



The Medical Centre of Psychico joined the Athens Medical Group in June 1997 to provide a more populated area in the heart of Athens with direct access to medical services and hospital care of high standards, as guaranteed by the Group.
The Medical Centre of Psychiko having set the quality of services as the primary purpose of its operation certified, in 2004, the vital sector of the Intensive Care Unit with ISO 9001:2000.

The Medical Centre of Psychico has 119 beds, 6 well-equipped operating theaters and 10 ICU of 10 beds. The laboratory and diagnostic equipment is complete, of the latest technology, suitable for more specialized tests.

Address: Andersen 1, Psihiko Τ.Κ. 11525 – Athens Greece



The Interbalkan European Medical Centre is the most modern and comprehensive medical center in Europe, ranking it among the top hospitals of Europe and the United States. The Interbalkan is located just 5 minutes away from the airport and provides high quality health services through its cooperation with eminent doctors with international experience, the continuous training of its staff, the prudent use of modern technology, as well as, the implementation of comprehensive quality management systems.

The hospital has received the most prestigious international accreditations and awards in medical tourism such as, ISO 9001: TUV NORD, ISO 22000: TUV NORD, TEMOS: Excellence in Medical Tourism, TEMOS: Quality in International Patient Care and “Best hospitals worldwide 2014, 2015” Diplomatic Council United Nations.

The collaboration between Athens Medical Group and GREKOMED, guarantees comfort, provides effective treatment and saves valuable time, since we do offer full package services to patients (hospital, doctor, air tickets, hotel, transfers, insurance, visa –if needed, etc.).
The hospital cooperates with the most eminent physicians in Greece, based on their collective superior scientific backgrounds, proven technical expertise and verified clinical effectiveness.

The building complex covers an area of 50.000 square meters. It incorporates the use of wings to facilitate and encompass the entire spectrum of health care services and promote efficient patient flow. Everything operates according to regulations and procedures dictated by modern medical science. Hospital systems and equipment are subject to continuous assessment, reassessment and renewal.
With a capacity of 380 hospital beds Interbalkan European Medical Centre is equipped with the most modern Biomedical Technology, an Adult Intensive Care Unit with 21 beds, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 19-incubators, 22 operating rooms. It has all the necessary medical specialties and can very safely treat all emergencies on a 24-hour basis.

  • 383 hospital beds,
  • Intensive Care Units (for adults and neonates) of 48 beds
  • 23 operating rooms, eight of which with radiation protection for radiation minimization for doctors and patients
  • 7 delivery rooms
  • Special endotherapy unit, wholly lead-covered, with open radio sources, unique in Thessaloniki
  • Recuperation rooms with 12 beds
  • Emergency outpatients’ clinics and regular outpatients’ clinics, doctors’ examination rooms, resuscitation rooms, one-day clinics
  • Interior pool with special equipment for the needs of the Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center
  • Two conference rooms (Vergina: 400 seats, Pella: 350 seats) with direct visual connection with the operating rooms.
  • Internet connection in all rooms/suites of the hospital. 

Address: Asklipiou 10, Pylaia Τ.Κ. 57001 – Thessaloniki Greece (прямо напротив торгового центра IKEA)



Asklepios Kliniken GmbH, which is a leading Healthcare Group in Europe, enjoys a share of the equity of Athens Medical Group. Also, the Group has a cooperation agreement with the Massachusetts University General Hospital of the Harvard Medical School and cooperation with the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) of London.

The hospitals that are part of Athens Medical Group, have received certifications in accordance with requirements defined in international standards. Specifically, the Athens Medical Group runs private clinics with the most prestigious international accreditations and awards in medical tourism such as, ISO 9001: TUV NORD, ISO 22000: TUV NORD, TEMOS: Excellence in Medical Tourism, TEMOS: Quality in International Patient Care, “Best hospitals worldwide 2014, 2015” Diplomatic Council United Nations and “Most modern hospital in Europe» Imperial College School of Medicine United Kingdom.